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Men wearing ladies underwear

I have had an underwear fetish since I was a kid and that is not unusual in fact I would wager a bet that most of the men reading this have an underwear fetish of one kind or another! Men wearing ladies underwear started happening the moment the first ladies underwear were made. Many men have an impulse to try women’s clothing on, these are men that are not cross-dressers just guys that love the fit and feel of ladies underwear. This fetish has changed drastically over the last few years even as there has been a huge increase in men wearing sexy underwear designs. The reason for this is quite simple, there are so many hot styles of men’s underwear including designs that are totally feminine but created to actually hold a penis. These new panties, underwear and swimwear for men come in many styles from the skin tight shorts you see everywhere, the micro shorts that show some ass that are gaining popularity at a furious pace, the thongs and G-strings many of which are smaller than anything the girls are wearing along with a whole slew of amazing bikini designs for men.

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Men wearing Ladies underwear

Men Wearing Ladies Underwear Are Real Individuals by Heart

Some men wearing ladies underwear will tell you that it gives them a feminine feel that they simply cannot live without. Others will tell you that the material feels good against a certain part of their body. Now both of these aspects are true but what they won't tell you is that it feels good being yourself rather than what society has deemed you to be in their eyes. Everyone looks at a man and expects them to wear certain types of clothing regardless of how that man feels. Women get to wear all kinds of different things and no one bats an eye at them but have a guy walking around in panties and everyone thinks he’s weird. The truth is that there are a lot more men wearing ladies underwear out there than there are guys wearing boxers. That may frighten some people just a bit but it shouldn’t because it is showing the world that they are truly individuals that just want to live their lives in a way that pleases them.

Men Wearing Ladies Underwear: Why is it Attractive?

The reason some guys like men wearing ladies underwear is as simple as aesthetic beauty. For others it may be a profound psychological connection based on the societal expectations of women. Though it is a largely sexist notion, society has a deeply imbedded image of women being physically weaker or submissive to men. The idea behind panties is that men see it as a symbol of submission. Men who are dominant by nature can find this proverbial white flag extremely attractive as it is a way for them to gain sexual control of their partner, even if that is not the intended message. Many men who wear ladies underwear do it because they enjoy feeling pretty and feminine. Some of these men may very well be submissive, sexually, but there are others who dress themselves in women’s undergarments and want to tie you up and spank you which is another thing that men can be into, especially when they are SOCIALLY dominant, rather than sexually. The reason why men wearing ladies underwear is attractive is because there are certain feminine idols that may be associated with the appearance of pretty panties. Whether you recall an actress on tv, being bent over and spanked by her husband, or a dominant mother figure that enjoyed spanking you, there is often an idea already associated with the panties.