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Do you crave wearing ladies underwear, maybe it is just a fetish. Are you a Crossdresser or do you just like the look and feel of ladies underwear? It's all good with us because we are into underwear of all shapes and sizes. We have the answers to your questions so feel free to ask. Send your comments and suggestions are way, we will get back to you.

Men wearing ladies underwear

I never really thought that there were all that many men wearing ladies underwear until I started looking around online. I felt that I was the only guy that lived like that and seeing how men like me were being treated in movies and on television I figured that I was one out of a handful that might be out there in the real world. I love wearing my ladies underwear, but I always felt a little bit ashamed for it because I didn’t think it was appropriate for guys to do this. Once I started looking around online for other men wearing ladies underwear, I realized that there are way too many of us out there for me to feel like I am not worthy enough to be around others. In fact, I honestly believe that there are probably more guys out there wearing women’s underwear than what I have found online and with that many it is probably more normal than for guys that are wearing men's underwear. Just stop and think about how many guys are still afraid to let anyone know, even anonymously, that they love wearing ladies underwear.

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Men Wearing Ladies Underwear

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