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Men Wearing Ladies Underwear

Male to Female Transformation

Bikinis, Thongs, G-strings, Short Shorts and other fun and exciting swim and underwear designs that were at one time just for the ladies but now are available for men. Men wearing ladies underwear is nothing new. From the time we are young most men gay, straight or what ever are drawn to the look and feel of ladies underwear wear. It is as normal as playing baseball. I'm going to guess if you have found this site you might be into it as a fetish. It's all good and it is healthy for you to explore your inner feminine. The men wearing ladies underwear site is all about the pleasures of wearing and finding the hottest styles, killer panties, micro thongs, sexy bikinis and more. There are hundreds of sites out there that deal with the psychology of wanting to wear ladies panties. We know it is healthy and fun but if you are worried about it I invite you to look to search out information on the subject after all it never hurts to get smarter.

I started wearing panties when I was in my teens. I loved they way the felt and looked. I had older sisters so finding panties was easy. They were so much sexier than those old boys briefs that had not changed for a hundred years. The only problem with men wearing ladies underwear is that the cuts made for women are not very well designed for the penis. Many of the sexy string bikinis, G-strings and thongs just don't have enough room for even very small penises like mine let alone medium and large ones. Our site will show you the hottest panties, swimwear, underwear and more all designed for men but with that total feminine feel and look. You might be surprised to learn there is a new and exciting trend that is becoming extremely popular: Male to female transformation, swimwear, underwear, tights and shorts. These styles do exactly what you might guess they do. The repackage the penis into one of two different styles. One is the complete flat pussy look and the other is the lovely camel toe small lip vagina look. These designs are light years ahead of men wearing ladies underwear to an entire new level of femininity.

Men wearing ladies underwear

To see men with nice bodies showing off some skin including suits that show the size and outline of the penis. Just like men love to see the ladies in underwear or swimwear showing off beautiful camel toes women and gay men love to see the same and most men even if they are straight love seeing the site of a huge

On a guy in a tiny bikini! When I go bodysurfing I put on a pair of board shorts over my g-string because sometimes the larger waves actually pull me g-string off and once I was body surfing in Venice beach in a g-string and my suit was pulled off in a big wave, I searched around but could not find it. It was a weekday and just a few girls were laying out so I just walked out of the water nude right by them and just got a couple giggles, the water was cold and my cock was about 1” long ,

Lucky I had another bikini with me. Now I enjoy the smiles women give me when I get out of the water wearing my shorts but with my g-string exposed in the rear just like the ladies do it. Very sexy indeed.

I’m straight but I do enjoy all the attention I receive from gay guys checking me out. They gawk just like I do when I see a women wearing tiny underwear and swimwear. If you are wearing something like that you must expect people to look.

Back to men wearing ladies underwear, if you ask a hundred guys if they have ever tried on a pair of ladies underwear if they were telling you the truth everyone of them would say yes. Ask your husband if he has ever tried on a pair of ladies underwear and you will be able to tell by his facial expression even if he tells you no,

You will be able to tell and might be surprised to know he is fibbing to you. I am not going to say laying because some men find wearing ladies underwear so embarrassing that they would be hard pressed ever giving you a straight answer.

The point to all this is that men are drawn to wearing ladies underwear it’s
Is natural. If you asked a Physiologist is it considered normal behavior for men to wear ladies underwear they would tell you absolutely and could then charge you for hours of time explaining why. When you get down to it men just love the visual stimulation of ladies underwear and many men go a step further wearing them because it is so stimulating to slide a silky pair of ladies underwear on and such a big turn on to try to get you penis to fit in those pretty cotton Lycra string bikinis and g-strings all the girls wear and many men secretly crave to wear. You are not alone!

Our site will feature stories about men who wear ladies underwear and swimwear along with links to some of the most amazing websites to see men modeling in ladies style under and swimwear, having sex wearing ladies style swim and underwear and sites geared to men and women that are into it has a healthy fetish, people who get aroused by the sexual nature of ladies swimwear. Underwear, men’s style fetish suits including penis display wear, pouch only suits that are shaped like a penis and male transformation suits which are designed to make men appear to look like women, some of these wild suits actually make men look exactly like ladies down to shaping the penis into a vagina, these suits are so exact that men wearing transformation suits that are swimwear not underwear laying out on the beach are mistaken as topless ladies all the time.

I have used these transformation suits and with my legs shaved and pubs waxed off I am always hit on by guys thinking I am a girl especially when I am laying out with girlfriends. A few times over the years I have had female lifeguards come up to me thinking I was a girl to let me know that topless bathing was not allowed.

One asked me to prove it because she did not believe me!



Men wearing ladies underwear

I think just about every boy and man as tried on a pair of ladies underwear before.

Some of us men as it turns out get into wearing ladies underwear, many of us graduate to more extreme forms of men’s extreme swim and fetish wear which looks very similar to ladies underwear but are designed specifically for men to show off their natural assets. When men wear ladies underwear it is immediately evident that they feel great they are so much more sexy then regular underwear for men

And that men look hot wearing ladies underwear and panties. I became interested in this subject many years ago having two older sisters that would always be prancing around in their string bikinis, so slinky and smooth I knew I would have to try a pair on. I got in the habit of wearing ladies underwear all the time, it felt so different from my boxers, I would always get a hard on and found that masturbating wearing ladies underwear was fun too. The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me happened wearing ladies underwear. My favorite pair was my oldest sisters slinky little g-string. It was a nylon satin pair that was stretchy too. I was modeling in the bathroom mirror and thought no one was home when my older sister walked in and saw me wearing ladies underwear, her g-string, I was in shock, my hard cock filled the tiny underwear and was in fact sticking out the top.

Instead of screaming at me she was so cool. She first told me they looked cute on me and I should not be embarrassed because lots of men wear ladies underwear, it’s not a big deal. She said I could keep them and had me come in the room with her.

I was ready to cry but she said she would not tell any one and opened her drawer and asked if there were any other underwear I would like to try on.

After that we were the closet of friends even to this day and I still will go shopping for ladies underwear with her, she knows I love the styles and she always orders me

Koala swimwear for my birthdays and Christmas always our secret, but my guess is she love men in general who wear ladies underwear including her husband who wears the tiniest bikinis and thongs to the beach when we all go. insane men's fem wear, pussy style suits for men, super hot male enhancement bikinis
and thongs.

Are Men Wearing Ladies Underwear Strange?

I bet that got the attention of many men! If you are the part of a growing group of men wearing ladies underwear, then you most likely have heard many people talking about how strange that is. It might even have made you ashamed if you heard it and now wonder if that first statement is the truth. Of course, it is not true! What is true is that you have found something that gives your life some comfort and relaxation. It can even be your very own naughty secret that you keep only to yourself. This secret may be one that causes you to smile as you walk into your office for work because you are wearing underwear that typically is worn by women and you are the only one who knows. People around you most likely believe that you are smiling at them personally and will give you a big smile in return. No, you are not strange to want to wear ladies underwear. You are just enlightened as to what makes you feel good and you are not ashamed to participate in it.

Men Wearing Ladies Underwear

Who says that only women should have a monopoly over underwear? There are many men wearing ladies underwear these days. It is a very popular practice among the fetish community. In fact, it is so popular that more and more designs are created every day due to the high demand of ladies underwear that are meant to be worn by men who enjoy a bit of a walk on the wild side. It seemed that the majority of men who tried on ladies underwear loved the sensation it provided them. All it took was just one experiment and they were hooked. Now, just because you may have been hiding your secret far back in the dark corners of your closet, it does not mean that you have to keep doing that. There are so many guys slipping into ladies underwear that you probably know at least one or two men who do it and they are keeping their own secrets, too.